Day 7: Day Trip & Hike at Bellavista

30 Sep 2017, was a relaxing day for us. Woke up leisurely at bout 8:00 AM. After breakfast, we took off to visit, explore and hike in Bellavista cloud forest. 

After about 1.5 hour drive through Quito we reached north of equator to drive up the 12 mile mountain road, which was a rough roller-coaster but with spectacular views.

Once we reached Bellavista lodge, we started a guided tour through the mountain and sub-tropical cloud-forest.

This place still uses public phone booth, which is a necessity here as the cell phone range was dead.20170930_101431

More flowers and fauna…

Finished the 2.5 hours walk through the forest and returned to the lodge for lunch at about 2:00 PM.

Fairly relaxing day. Took rest for about an hour and drove back to our hotel. For the rest of the evening we walked through the downtown Quito.

Relaxing and great day with exploring Bellavista cloud-forest.

Next day after we explore Cotapaxi volcano, we take 9:00 PM flight back to Harrisburg via Atlanta.

More in my next post. Till then so long.

Live well and Enjoy!

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