Day 6: Back to Quito, Ecuador

On 29 Sep 2017, we took an morning flight from Galapagos Islands back to Quito Ecuador. The 3 hour flight makes a stop at Guayaquil. We reached our hotel La Cartuja at about 3:00 PM.20170929_151822

We had a planned 45 minutes trip to “The Equator Point” to visit the Middle of the World monument. This monument was built during the 17th century when a French expedition defined the precise location of the equatorial line. We will go inside of the monument and then to the Inti Ñan local museum where you can see different experiments to prove that you are at the Center of the Earth.


Along the drive to the museum, we saw HUGE concrete walls built along the side of mountains to prevent erosion and rock fall from mountain along the high-way. Very impressive.

Once we reached the museum, we had to hurry as it was cold and drizzling and we only had 2 hours as they were closing at 7:00 PM.

Being at equator you would think the weather should be hot. Nope. Quito is located at 3000 meters above sea level and it was cold with temperature hovering around 50F.

The museum contains re-enactment of historic native people who lived in this region prior to Euro-Invasion.

More pictures of ancient artifacts and culture.

At the Equator

The exact line where equator runs was marked, along with several experiments to experience North-South Hemisphere divide of our planet.

The exact latitude of 00° 00′ 00″  (0 deg, 0 min, 0 sec) was marked prominently.


If you are like people, chances are you have not visited southern hemisphere. Though you might have heard that certain forces of our planet are reversed, most importantly the direction of water flow in a sink (or toilet).

It is true that draining water (in a sink or toilet) rotates in anti-clockwise direction in northern hemisphere, where as  it rotates in clockwise direction in southern hemisphere. Ever wondered what happens right on the Equator? Take a look!

If you guessed straight down, then you are correct. Water indeed drains straight down, without any rotation on the equator line.

There were other creative and interesting experiments to demonstrate the effect of “opposing forces” cancelling out at equator, like balancing a raw egg on the head of a needle is much easier at equator or walking on a straight line with eyes closed.

Spent the next hour exploring the museum, and drove back to our hotel.

We had reserved for dinner at a Indian restaurant in Quito. Good food and good service.

Another tiring but great day with exploring the equator of the earth.

We have 1 ad 1/2 more days before we head back to Harrisburg. Tomorrow we explore and hike in Bellavista, which a sub-tropical rain forest about 20 miles from Quito and the day after we drive to explore Cotapaxi, which is an active volcano.

More in my next post. Till then so long.

Live well and Enjoy!

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