Day 4: Exploration of Bartolome

On 27 Sep 2017, unusually Arch and I woke up early around 5:00 AM. From the balcony of the hotel we took some pictures.20170927_062329

The Dew was so heavy, that 1/2 hour later we could see the following. Note the “drop-lets” on the cable. Everything was WET. It rarely rains in Galapagos.

Bartolome is the most recognizable and photographed island in the archipelago thanks to its distinctive pinnacle rock. After the usual breakfast, and 20 minute ride to the port, we started for an all day long trip to explore and trek on Bartolome and some snorkeling!

On the way an unusual islet with no habitats, but I am sure lots of life forms.

At Bartalome (a.k.a Bartholomew), we were greeted with usual “white stuff”.

Landscape was predictable, lava rocks, however in this island there were NO iguana, other major birds (except few gulls and boobies), no turtles. Only insects, gnats… and LOTS & LOTS of them. They have no predators!

However the view was spectacular. Lots of selfies.

Then we started 260 steps climb to the top. It was hot, windy, and lots of insects. Deets is the only way to go!

Landscape was rugged and barren.

Climb to the top was tiring and exhausting, but at the top it was spectacular, exhilarating, and rewarding! (Pictures do NOT do the justice)20170927_11314120170927_113237

The only vegetation on Bartolome was the following.20170927_111043

Insects, on the other hand, were plentiful.


Some pictures on the way up!

Finally almost at the top (after about an hour).

Rest of the pictures from the top are views of Bartalome. Once back to the sea floor we found lots of Crabs and ONE LONE Galapagos PENGUIN.

WHY was such a “land mass” formed? There are several theories including some conspiracy like US defense used this place for testing bombs etc.!

Down ward, back to the bottom of Bartolome.

20170927_121923Too Tired…?20170927_130602

The LONE Penguin of Equator…20170927_123227

Some more marine iguana and crabs.

Finished the day with AWESOME dinner  and some “Horse-Play” Or should I say “Tortoise-Play” and  ready for good night sleep!


Ended another AWESOME and so very ready to hit the bed.

Next day the next adventure!

Till then so long.


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