Vertica 7.0 Analytics Database Instance on AWS (Single Node)

In this post we’ll go through the steps to create a running instance of Vertica 7.0 Analytics Database on AWS using HP Vertica AMI. This post assumes you are familiar with AWS and have an active account.

Screenshot from 2014-11-01 12:18:58

In AWS console from EC2 instance page Launch instance.

Choose AMI Market Place -> Search for Vertica. One result for HP Vertica Analytics Platform will be shown – Linux/Unix, CentOS 6.3 | 64-bit Amazon Machine Image (AMI) | Updated: 10/2/14. Select this.

STOP: Please NOTE you will be charged for AWS instance usage !!!

Instance Type choice is given. Not much of choice though. Only XLarge instance are available.

I chose C3.4xlarge type and database installation gives serious warning and stops. You can proceed with –ignore-config-check option. Though if your goal is work with Vertica, I’ll recommend  c3.8xlarge instance type.

Accept defaults for Step 3:Configure instance details. You could create a VPC and add multiple instance for multi-node cluster.

In step 4 add additionla volume for about 300GB. The size of course depends on your need. (You will be charged for storge space)

Screenshot from 2014-11-01 12:33:45

In Step 5: Provide a tag name, something meaningful for yourself.

In Step 6: Configure Security Group. If you do NOT have a security group configured for Vertica choose the New Security Group option or else choose the security group (specific for Vertica). Several services and ports need to be configured for Vertica.

Screenshot from 2014-11-01 12:40:18

Review and click on Launch.

You’ll be prompted for specifying Key Pair. I already have a AWS instance key pair that I’ll use. If you do not already have a key pair Please read

You Vertica instance will launch. Give it few minutes to initialize the instance.

Next post I’ll cover connecting to the instance we just created and working with Vertica Database.

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