Installing ADF Faces Components Demo

In this post the we’ll walk through the steps for downloading ADF Faces Components Demo in Jdeveloper environment. I am using Jdeveloper version
You need OTN account (free account) for downloading the WAR file.
Access the downloadable WAR file (rcf-dvt-demo.war) from OTN which can be accessed here.
This is a WAR file containing a comprehensive demo of all the components as well as various framework features. The WAR file contains the source code for the demo.
The rich client component runtime demo can be started from inside Oracle JDeveloper 11 using the integrated Oracle Weblogic Server.
Create a directory under C:\Jdeveloper\mywork directory. This is the directory where Jdeveloper create/stores all applications by default.
Depending on file associations in your browser on your PC, this file may download as ZIP file. Just rename the file to .war extension from .zip.
Start Oracle JDeveloper and choose File | New from the menu. Select Applications and press Ok.
In the Create Application dialog type adffacesdemo as the application name and press Finish.
This creates new application workspace and project. The project is not needed and you may delete the project, choosing File | Delete Project file from disk in the Oracle JDeveloper 11g menu.
Choose File | New from the JDeveloper menu and select Projects.
In the list of items, select Project from WAR File and press Ok.
Skip the first dialog panel, and provide a name for the project, e.g. adffacesdemo, on the second.
Keep the Directory information .
On the third panel, use the file browser to select the ADF Faces demo WAR file on your file system and finish the wizard.
This step will take 1 or 2 minutes…
Save the application.
Double click onto the project node to open the project properties and select the Run | Debug | Profile option.
Press the Edit button and select the Tool Settings. In the Before Running section, uncheck the Make Project option and close the dialog pressing Ok.
Expand the project and select index.jspx under the Web Content node and Choose Run from the right mouse context menu.
The Face DVT Demo application will open up in your default browser.
Good Luck.

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